Eagle Hills

Cornad Property Management L.L.C


Born in the United Arab Emirates in April 2014, Eagle Hills specializes in the development, creation and reinvigoration of urban centres. We work in line with governments and policy makers to develop advanced city hubs and flagship destinations that look to energize and diversify local economies, create jobs, attract local and international investments and positively impact business and tourism. Al Maabar became a subsidiary of Eagle Hills in October 2014. Al Maabar, has major projects in progress in Morocco and Jordan with master-planned, mixed-use developments that are designed to regenerate communities and act as a powerful catalyst for economic growth.



Ramhan Island

The upcoming Ramhan Island will transform into a haven of opulence, hosting exquisite standalone villas, impeccably serviced residences, lavish marina residences, exclusive apartment units, and prestigious luxury hotels. Within the realm of premium Ramhan Island communities, discerning individuals will find the epitome of luxury in Marine Island Villas, Cove Island Villas, Breeze Island Villas, and Views Island Villas, where sophistication and grandeur intertwine to create an unparalleled experience. Beautiful, raw and untouched, Ramhan is a naturally shaped heavenly island, located in Abu Dhabi. It carries all the charm of nature from bays and mangrove trees. The incredibly designed masterplan offers waterfront luxury villas with high-end amenities, a world-class Marina with state-of-the-art shopping and fine dining experiences, unrivaled hospitality with a luxurious hotel and serviced residence, besides a tranquil wellness center amidst serene surroundings and open bay views. The waterfront villas will feature 3 to 7 bedrooms and will include a private beach of their own, providing breathtaking views of the sea.